Solve your problem in 7 steps

Photo courtesy Canva. Solve your problem in 7 steps, Tips from Sharvi.

Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. I truly admire that quote, and have seen the result of applying some effective problem-solving techniques myself... I recall a 2 day workshop I attended a few months ago, which was on creative problem-solving techniques. While … Continue reading Solve your problem in 7 steps


6 reasons to go for healthy breakfast

Photo courtesy Canva. 6 reasons to go for healthy breakfast, Tips from Sharvi.

I love relishing healthy breakfast, daily! Do you also? If you're someone who skips breakfast everyday, from time to time, or gobbles junk food for convenience, then you're missing out on the benefits of proper breakfast, and need to take action! Do read on... The Oxford Dictionaries defines breakfast as 'A meal eaten in the … Continue reading 6 reasons to go for healthy breakfast

Loving your pet fosters well-being!

Courtesy of Canva. Loving your pet fosters well-being, Tips from Sharvi.

Loving your pet and taking care of it, is not only your responsibility, but brings you pure joy, right? It floods you with happiness because you love to look after it. You may have a dog, cat, fish, rabbit, bird, tortoise,... Through my blog post, I'll highlight how the process of caring for your pet, … Continue reading Loving your pet fosters well-being!

A story on effective communication

A story on effective communication, Tips from Sharvi.

As human beings (social animals), we feel the need to communicate, although the intensity felt, may depend on our individual personality type, or the nature of various other factors in play. You need to communicate daily for personal and professional reasons, to keep up with your social life, to maintain different types of relationships, to … Continue reading A story on effective communication

8 reasons to read daily

Photo courtesy Canva. 8 reasons to read daily, Tips from Sharvi.

Are you someone who craves information, reading many books, e-books, magazines, blog articles, social media posts, and so on? If you're not reading enough or at all, then doing so will help you in many ways... I've been reading even more, since I started my blog in January this year. I normally read more online … Continue reading 8 reasons to read daily

6 reasons to be yourself

Photo from Pexels. 6 reasons to be yourself, Tips from Sharvi.

Being yourself,... I mean 'truly' being yourself is often a challenge! As babies, we start growing up, and gradually learn how to behave, what to say, what to think, in brief, we are taught to conform to the societal norms of our environment. We learn many good things, and at the same time, feel the … Continue reading 6 reasons to be yourself

Ice cream and alternatives

Ice cream and alternatives, Tips from Sharvi.

I love ice cream! Don't you? I honestly have never met anyone who 'hates' ice cream! What's so special about this delicacy? Why do we feel tempted to have a lick, as soon as we see one of these? Is it the appearance? is it the chill? Does it bring back past golden memories of … Continue reading Ice cream and alternatives

5 ways failure helps success!

5 ways failure helps success!, Tips from Sharvi.

We all sometimes feel that we've failed, be it in our personal or professional life, our relationships, our dreams and desires, and more. How we react to this, makes all the difference... We could actually gain from failure! Learn from mistakes No one succeeds all the time, in fact mistakes that we make, give us … Continue reading 5 ways failure helps success!

8 advantages of working from home

Photo from Pexels. 8 advantages of working from home, Tips from Sharvi.

Working from home is existent in various industries and countries around the world. People choose to work from home for diverse reasons. Certain companies have been encouraging this practice, where the need for a better work-life balance is recognized, employees are trusted to be disciplined, responsible and are accountable. Previously, I worked for companies, going … Continue reading 8 advantages of working from home


Networking is defined as 'interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts', by Oxford Dictionaries. No matter in which profession you are in, whether you work at all or not, if you're into your own business, are a blogger working from home, a student, job seeker, someone looking for friends, interested … Continue reading Networking…